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About Andrea

Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach

Andrea Stumboeck

Andrea is operating between Egypt and Germany and since a very young age she has been a world traveler, healthy food lover and a spiritual seeker.

Andrea has a very solid background as a therapist, SPA Educator and Holistic Health Coach.

She has been practicing yoga since 2008, experiencing many of the various Yoga styles, but her heart and her daily practice belongs to Ashtanga. She has studied with renowned Teachers in India, Thailand and Bali, where she returns yearly to further her study.

Her dedicated yoga practice combined with therapeutic knowledge of Thai massage and Ayurveda has shaped her understanding of the energetic and structure of the body which she incorporates into giving the right adjustments and teaching with sensitivity and depth.

Andrea has the ability to lead a dynamic class filled with inversions with a duality of restorative and healing sequences. Since 2014 she is a registered Teacher in Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Her thoughtful and friendly manner makes this wonderful yoga style approachable for everyone, independent of age or physical state. She loves to help her students to grow in their practice and building more confidence, strength and mindfulness on and off the mat!

Education skills and training:

1994-2005 Professional in Hotel industry

2005-2006 Cosmetic School Schöner,
(full body Cosmetic, Dermatology, Classic Massage)

2006 Steiner Academy
 Intensive training for Beauty and Therapeutic Treatments

2008 WATPO Medical Massage School
 Intensive training 180 h for Thai-Yoga Massage
Bangkok /Thailand

2010 Certified Advance Practitioner and Teacher Training Program
by ITM Massage School 390 h
Chiang Mai/Thailand

2014 Yoga Teacher Training
“All Yoga Thailand” RYT200
Ashtanga, Rocket and Yin-Yang Yoga

2015 Ashtanga Yoga Intensive
with John Scott, David Keil,
Jeff and Harmony Lichty
Purple valley Goa/India

2016 Ashtanga Yoga
Advance Teacher Immersion
(First and second Serie / Ayurveda Lifestyle )
Prem and Radha Carlisi
Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center,

2017 Ashtanga Yoga Intensive
with Mark Robberds

2018 Ashtanga Yoga Intensive
with David Keil and Dena Kingsberg

About Andrea