Tailored Yoga Retreats

Turn your next group vacation into a retreat

Andrea is also available to organize and plan yoga retreats and it would be a pleasure for her to turn your next group vacation into a retreat.

Profit from her knowledge and experience tailored for you to create a full package in a healthy yoga journey.

You just have to decide on the date and provide some hints on location and the type of experience and we will do the rest.

Ashtanga Retreats

Combine Yoga with your next vacation in the best possible way

Our Yoga Retreat can be nestled everywhere! You decide.. . just it has to provide a place to relax, unwind, find your inner peace, connect with like-minded people and to cook and eat health conscious food all whilst you deepen your understanding and practice of yoga.

We will designed a program that allows you to study, have fun, being pampered and at the same time reach your goal “to improve and deepen your personal yoga Lifestyle”.

All yoga sessions are designed to suit all levels and requests.

Disconnect to reconnect: unplug with us from the digital world in a beautiful hotel of your choosing.

Our goal is to reconnect with ourselves, nature, community and the world. To get there, we will use the tools of yoga, detox diet, conscious and healthy eating throughout the week combined with mindfulness and coaching.

In your free time you will have the chance to relax and enjoy the silence, or participate in extra activities.


Deepen your Dive with Yoga- It’s all about the Breath

To increasing your physical fitness is one way to get more out of every breath, but even fit divers can find themselves breathing too fast or too shallow from the stress of diving. That’s where yoga comes in. Like scuba, yoga places emphasis on proper inhalation and exhalation, as breathing is considered the essential connection between body and mind. “Practiced regularly, yoga promotes deep, slow breathing, and teaches you how to calm your mind,” Yoga also strengthens and stretches muscles that are important in diving. This all adds up to more quality time admiring the marine life on your next dive.

What we will talk about and practice!

Breathing control – to reduce your air consumption to spend more time under the water 
(Pranayama –learning to extend your breath)

Training your awareness 
(Concentration exercise) – learning to be more focused, learning to control emotions,

Body Mind control – preventing injury from carrying tank
Fighting against fears, keep you cool in difficult situations to avoid panics 
(Asanas Practice in the morning)

Diving is meditative practice so combining the two to gain the most from your diving experience 
Before the first dive there will be a yoga session in our unique atmosphere at sea with the sunrise
. And in the evening there will be a more relaxing yoga session/ workshop winding down from the day and preparing you for the next day adventures.

Deepen your yoga practice and discover something new, what you can take home and practice

Interested in a yoga retreat or have ideas to make your custom retreat?

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