Yoga Egypt

Salam Aleikum and Namaste

Our main focus in teaching is to create an appropriate intelligent bridge
to the dynamic form of Ashtanga, breaking it down so that each person may practice on their own level, taking personal needs into account.

We are available upon private request!

For more information, or any questions please contact direct  Teacher Walid Hassan.

Walid is a Ashtanga Yoga Teacher graduated from Tattva Yoga Shala Rishikesh, India, student of Guru Kamal Singh, Guru Sunil Sharma and Swamije Omkarananda.

Walid’s passion of Ashtanga Yoga grows where he understood, that Yoga it is not only a physical exercise it’s a “Breathing-Movement Mediation” to control and to relax the Mind.

Ashtanga helped him also to reach higher goals his life and to become a calmer, healthier and happier person.
Walid started to assist his wife in her classes and took the lead in her absence where he deepen his knowledge and discover his passion of teaching.
In 2016 he got a registered Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh, where he regularly return to continue his study.

Yoga is 99% practice and 1 % theory

“The magic of Yoga begins when you start your Self-practice!!!”

We will help you in personal growing on and off the mat and you will always find enough space for Q&A. Newcomer and Beginner are more than welcome!


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